Nikola Z Kukurini

Nikola Baćac better known as Nikola Z Kukurini is one of most popular DJ's and disco entertainers nowadays in Istria.
He began his career in 2002 performing at venues in Pazin and slowly but surely climbing the ladder of popularity. Today brings up good show at the most popular and most visited clubs and events in Istria and beyond. From clubs and events where DJ Nikola Z Kukurini played: Monvi Center Rovinj, Disco Club Uljanik Pula, Magnus Pazin, Night rose Labin, Disco Club  Loop Lovran, Disco Club Luna Rabac, La Playa Monvi Center Rovinj, Rock Cafe Labin, Brel Show Hotel Adriatic, 24 hours Poreč ... and is the first DJ in region of Pićan who started with parties during the traditional local festivals.