In times of an already vast ‘Soundcloud-Generation, that is continuously growing and bringing forth new and highly ambitious DJ’s, it is certainly not easy to separate yourself from the herd.

However, the search for individuality and exhilarating mix between a casual mood and a breeze of the past decades brings us straight to the music of a talented young artist: introducing, LOVRA. Being born in the German provinces, Laura discovered her love for music in her early childhood. Her excellent sense in rhythm and her affinity for aesthetical movements brought her to into the world of ballet on a very young age.

The following years Laura her enthusiasm towards sounds and tones peaked and slipped its way into her professional career path and enabled her to express her versatile creativity. After studies in Design, Laura moved to Berlin. The German capital finally gave Laura the creative environment she was looking for. In the epicentre of the artistic freedom she found new impulses and ideas for her music, making the move to Berlin one of the best decisions in her life.